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a man with acneAcne is a very annoying and unsightly condition. Many people suffering from acne feel rather embarrassed about having acne. However, some people are just more prone to it and it can be very difficult for them to improve their skin condition.

It can also be very embarrassing to have acne as an adult as it is usually a condition associated with adolescence.

Here are some of the top causes of adult acne.


A change in hormones can often be one of the primary causes. This could happen for a number of reasons, from dietary changes, new medication or any changes in the menstrual cycle for women.

It is advisable to visit your doctor to have blood tests so they can assess if there are any changes in your hormones that can be causing the condition.


Stress has a huge impact on pretty much every area of our lives. Physical, mental and emotional stress can through your body into turmoil and cause a wide variety of reactions to occur. It is not at all uncommon for adult acne to be one of the symptoms of stress.


Pollution is also a big causative factor in adult acne. However, this does not just mean air pollution. We also take on pollution from the food we eat and the water we drink. Chemicals and plastics are one of the biggest causes of food and drink pollution and can result in a number of unwanted health conditions.

Washing your face too regularly

Many people assume that people with acne have dirty faces and do not wash as frequently. However, this is completely wrong. Ance actually seems to like clean skin. The reason for this is that the natural oils that are secreted from the pores on the face act as a barrier to protect the skin. If we are washing too frequently then this protective layer of oil is no longer there and bacteria can set in.


Besides the pollution effects from various foods, you may also be eating foods that just don’t agree with you. Take a closer look at your diet to see if you have introduced anything new recently. If so then try cutting it out for a while and see if the condition changes.


Are you consuming too much sugar? This has also been linked to a number of health conditions and for some, it can also cause acne.

Top Causes Of Adult Acne
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