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Acne No More eBook front cover by Mike WaldenMany acne sufferers wanting to completely eliminate their acne from the inside out will no doubt have heard of the Acne No More system by certified nutritionist, Mike Walden. Mike is a specialist in acne and has devised his tried and tested methods into a program that is now accessible to anyone with a connection to the internet.

Mike’s program has a staggeringly high number of testimonials from people from all over the world who have completely cured their stubborn acne using his system. If you’re not familiar with the Acne No More regimen then you can learn more about it here. However, in a nutshell, Acne No More is a comprehensive and holistic course telling you everything you need to know to completely get rid of acne for good using natural methods. There are several key components to making the Acne No More system work, but one very important part is the healthy and natural diet plan.

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What Is The Acne No More Diet Plan?

Of course, I’m sure you, like me, can appreciate that Mike Walden’s Acne No More course is copyright so I’m not allowed to tell you the exact details of the diet plan that is in the course. However, I can give you an overview of what is involved and how it can help you.

The Acne No More diet plan is the portion of the book that explains to you exactly what you should and shouldn’t be eating. However, before Mike gets into the details of this section, he first explains that in order to get optimal results to get rid of acne completely, a person should first follow a few other important procedures. These include the following:

Cleansing and juicing

Mike suggests you follow his three days juicing cleanse that he recommends in the Acne No More system. This will help to clear out any nasties that may be in your system and create a fresh, healthy internal environment for you to apply the other methods in Acne No More.

juicing for healthy skin


Once you have completed the three days juice cleanse, Mike then explains the importance of detoxing the body with a step by step guide on exactly how you can cleanse your system from any harmful bacteria and parasites from the inside out. Here, one of the main intentions is to eradicate candida from the body, which can often be at the root of many people’s acne problem.


healthy food for a good diet planAs I’m sure you can appreciate, once a person has first cleansed and detoxed their system using Mike’s methods, following a healthy diet plan with high nutrition is going to be much more effective for you. So, when Mike gets to the diet and nutrition part of his book he lays out all the foods you should and should not be eating. That’s right, it is also very important to exclude certain foods from your diet. When you read this chapter some of the items may surprise you.

When it comes to food groups, Mike is particularly interested in telling you about cars, proteins, fiber and fats. Modifying these areas of your diet are the areas that can have the greatest impact on your skin health so it is important to follow Mike’s advice when he tells you how and when you should be eating items from these food groups and which ones, in particular, will be beneficial for you.

To clear up your acne completely you’ll also need to be aware of the foods that people can have allergies or intolerances to. Many people have a mild intolerance to foods that cause a number of low-level symptoms, but often the person is not aware of which foods are causing the issue. Of course, some of these foods can also be aggravating for the digestive system and the skin. With Mike’s insights, you will learn what those foods are so you can cut them out of your diet and replace them with more healthy options.


Following Mike’s cleansing and diet routine will not only help clear up your acne completely, it will also help to improve your digestion, give you more energy and vitality, improve your sleep, concentration and focus and it can also help you to lose weight so it is absolutely worth giving it a go! Read my full review of Acne No More here.

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The Acne No More Diet Plan – What’s Involved
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