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Tepezcohuite powder extractThere is a lot of talk at the moment about tepezcohuite, especially in the skincare world. This little-known product is making waves in the US and across other countries, especially since Hollywood A-lister, Salma Hayek has launched her skincare range with the tepezcohuite ingredient at the heart of her products.

Tepezcohuite has actually been used for centuries in Mexico as a potent skin healer and anti-ageing product. As powerful as it is, it’s amazing that the tepezcohuite secret has been kept from the rest of the world, until now.

Most commonly, tepezcohuite is added to cream-based products for the easy application onto the skin’s surface, hence, tepezcohuite creams are becoming extremely popular. However, tepezcohuite is also available in powder form.

Tepezcohuite Powder – What You Need To Know

The powder comes from the root bark of mimosa hostilis, which is also referred to as mimosa tenuiflora. Mimosa hostilis is a perennial evergreen tree that is known to grow in Northeastern Brazil where it is referred to as jeruma or jeruma preta, as well as in Southern Mexico where it is known as tepezcohuite.

The tepezcohuite powdered bark has numerous benefits and uses due to the natural healing properties that it contains. It can be used for burns, scars and other chronic skin conditions.

The tepezcohuite powder is able to protect and stimulate collagen and as such, some people have reported that it is able to help heal severe burns in as little as two weeks. Some people claim that scarring from burns is also less visible after using tepezcohuite.

Tepezcohuite is known to function as an all in one remedy because it contains very strong natural antibiotic properties that help to kill infections. It also contains very strong natural anti-inflammatory properties.

The tepezcohuite powder is also a known ingredient in several pharmaceutical and cosmetic products across the globe. It is used in skin creams, shampoos, acne lotions and soaps for skin health, anti-ageing and also for the treatment of acne, eczema, herpes and psoriasis.

Benefits of Tepezcohuite Powder

Tepezcohuite helps to heal burns

Tepezcohuite is used to treat burns. This is evidenced by the San Juanico Disaster that happened in 1984 where over 5,000 burn victims were treated using the mimosa plant.

Tepezcohuite assists in wound healing

Tepezcohuite is also used to treat wounds, as well as external lesions. To create the powder, all you need to do is roast the bark and create a poultice that you can later use for the skin wound.

Tepezcohuite has anti-bacterial cleansing agents

Tepezcohuite can also be used as a cleanser and can help to kill germs and bacteria. It is also excellent in aiding the restoration of damaged tissue.

Tepezcohuite acts as a blood coagulant

When applied to a wound, the tepezcohuite is said to have the ability to stop bleeding, minimize chances of infection, and help the skin in forming healthy tissue. This is due to its high amounts of tannins and antioxidants.

Tepezcohuite helps in balancing irritation

Tepezcohuite has the capability of reducing redness and discomfort on the skin. It tends to have anaesthesia-like effects when applied to the skin, and it can help to minimize pain for up to 3 hours. What’s more, it can also help in regenerating, new, healthy skin cells.

Tepezcohuite helps skin disorders

Tepezcohuite is helpful for some skin conditions and it is now widely used in hair and skin products because of its ability to stimulate the generation of skin elastin and collagen. Its high levels of flavonoid and hyaluronic acid are two chemical compounds that aid in the cell regeneration of the skin.

Tepezcohuite is an immune booster

Due to its vital plant micronutrients such as zinc, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium, the tepezcohuite powder can be used to make medicines to promote cell health and boost the immune system.

It can be used for dermatological purposes

Powdered tepezcouite can be combined with other dermatological products to prevent facial expression lines and acne, treat herpes 1 and II, chicken-pox scars, as well as psoriasis.

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Parting Shot!

Tepezcohuite powder can be used to heal and improve different skin conditions and it can also be added to skin care products in order to boost their natural power.

Remember to always consult a healthcare professional or dermatologist before using tepezcohuite powder to ensure it is right for you and that you are using it in the correct way.

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Tepezcohuite Powder
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