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Sign for Tepezcohuite side effectsThe Tepezcohuite cream is fast becoming a popular choice of product for a wide range of skin conditions and is being used by people for treating conditions like acne, psoriasis, scarring, eczema, burns and it is even being used as an anti-ageing cream. With so much talk of the positive effects of the cream, it makes you wonder if there also could be any side effects. This, of course, is an important consideration as we want to be careful with anything we put on our skin.

Although the Tepezcohuite ingredient itself is a natural ingredient being derived from the bark of the Mimosa Tenuiflora tree, you should also consider the other ingredients that individual manufacturers are putting into their brand of Tepezcohuite cream as they will all be slightly different. However, what we are more interested in is the Tepezcohuite ingredient itself; does it have any side effects?

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Does The Tepezcohuite Extract Have Any Side Effects?

Upon doing research into this, so far we have not come across any side effects for Tepezcohuite bark extract. On the contrary, there are an especially large amount of positive reviews from people who have benefited from using the extract for a number of different skin ailments.

The Tepezcohuite ingredient has been used for centuries by the people of South America, with the first uses of Tepezcohuite thought to be by the ancient Mayans who used it to treat skin abrasions, cuts, wounds, sores and other nasty skin conditions. Mexico is said to be the first country to start using the ingredient in anti-ageing products.

When Tepezcohuite is applied topically to the skin it acts to stimulate the production of collagen, regenerate new and healthy cells and hydrate the skin. Tepezcohuite is also effective for calming skin irritations, which is probably due to the tannins and glucosides present in Tepezcohuite. In more recent history, Tepezcohuite was also used following the devastation caused by the tragic 1986 earthquake that struck Mexico City. Many people lost their lives in the chaos and many more were left with bad injuries and progressive burns. Due to this, medics applied Tepezcohuite to the burn victims, who received improved healing rates as a result.

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So if you have been wondering if Tepezcohuite has any side effects, so far we have not come across any that have been reported. If we do come across any new information that is contrary to this then we will update this article to let our reader know. Please bear in mind again, this article is only discussing any possible side effects with the Tepezcohuite extract itself, not individual creams that incorporate the Tepezcohuite ingredient. There are far too many different brands on the market that are using the Tepezcohuite ingredient, each of which will have different ingredients in their cream as well as Tepezcohuite. Be sure to check the individual cream ingredients that are in the brand you choose to use. If you are in any doubt then contact the manufactorer or supplier to ask them about possible side effects of their product.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor or dermatologist before applying any new product or cream to your skin, especially if you have a pre-existing skin condition. Be safe and get a check with your dermatologist first.

Tepezcohuite Bark Extract – What Are The Side Effects?
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